Leveraging data science

to revolutionize stress management

Unlocking Insights & Transforming Organizations

Discover How We Can Help You Thrive

Using data science to assess collective stress dynamics, gaining insights, identifying company process improvements, and promoting employee well-being.

Stress Dynamics Insights

Uncover stress patterns while performing specific job-related tasks and promote employee mental health.

Custom Smart Solutions

Tailored business intelligence solutions to assess multilevel group stress trends, enhance performance and productivity.

Fast Delivery

SaaS solution for fast implementation and positive impact.

Expert Consulting

Professional partners supporting you to translate stress insights into actionable process improvements to get effective results.

Our Story

We started HuMAP to assist companies like yours in identifying sustainable improvements in their work practices to manage stress and enhance employee well-being. Leveraging our expertise in stress management, company process improvement, and data science, we swiftly deliver customized solutions and collaborate with your line management to foster a healthier and more productive workplace

Why choose HuMAP?

Tailor-Made Solutions

Identify the right mix of data sources to assess the collective stress level of your human capital.

Business Intelligence

Data-driven strategies for effective decision-making.

Proven Expertise

Experienced professionals are ensuring top-notch guidance on translating collective stress insights into actionable process improvements.

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